Brittni Jessie

NeoSoul meets OldSoul

Singer  |  Songwriter  | Jesus Lover


Brittni Jessie…Who is she?

She became an artist at age 9-harboring a love for all thing euphonious. By age 13, it was evident music was in her soul. She began creating beats and lyrics to fulfill her purpose; sharing the message God had placed on her heart…Love.

In the moments we feel futile, abandoned, and lost it is by God’s grace we remain standing. It is through her soulful sounds that she reminds us Christ is our first and true: L-O-V-E!.

Brittni Jessie grew up listening to the sounds of Natalie Cole, Sade, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Jill Scott. In her legacy she will spread the gospel of life’s biggest lesson: Love is omnipotent through Christ.  



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